EuroELSO 2015 - 4th International Congress

Extracorporeal support in respiratory and circulatory failure

Regensburg, Germany, May 7 - 10, 2015

Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Support is a rapidly evolving technique in intensive care medicine, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology worldwide. It has provided new options in the treatment of severe circulatory and respiratory failure in patients of all age groups. The innovative development of miniaturized, technically optimized devices is considered to be a revolution in critical care by many, saving the life of patients. With growing experience in various fields of intensive care medicine, the knowledge of efficiency of ECMO, but also of potential complications expands in a fast pace.

Despite its rapid dissemination, more evidence is needed before ECMO becomes the standard of care.


This 4th international congress of the EuroELSO, branch of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), will be held in Regensburg which is located approx. 1 hour from the Munich Airport. It shall be a platform to enable an extensive scientific exchange among all involved medical specialities, industry, scientists and students in order to improve ECMO therapy in the critically ill.


Who should attend

The congress addresses everybody involved in intensive care and emergency medicine. Physicians, perfusionists, nurses and students of medicine and bioengineering are invited to participate and are warmly welcome.



We cordially invite you to participate in this exciting event.